Business Solutions

BZHelp product suite includes a complete set of web-based business software applications so you can tailor BZHelp to your business requirements. The suite includes Account Management, HR Management, Proposal Management, Request for Information and Project Management, thus covering the needs of an organization. In addition, BZhelp includes comprehensive dashboards, extensive reporting, integrated document management, centralized security, and powerful customization possibilities to cater to your specific needs.

BZHelp FinanceBZHelp Finance

BZHelp Finance is a financial accounting application on the cloud that specifically caters to small and medium businesses, freelancers, consultants and individuals to manage their financials and accounting.

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BZHelp human resources software simplifies daily HR tasks. The software includes tracking and management of organizational structure, employees, roles, leave, payroll and every task that the HR department would be handling

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BZHelp Project Management BZHelp Project Management

BZHelp Project is a web-based project management application that makes it easy for people in different roles with different responsibilities to communicate and work together. It offers one centralized storage to keep all project artifacts in organized manner Tasks, pages, discussions, people, results can be easily linked. It also offers a Project dashboard that provides immediate bird-view onto the project status.

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Bzhelp CRMBzhelp CRM

BZHelp CRM delivers a web-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution for tracking leads, managing opportunities, converting prospects into sales, and managing customers. Integrating with financials and proposal management foster a team approach and deliver a single consolidated view of all customer contacts.

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BZHelp ProposalBZHelp Proposal

BZHelp Proposal is a web based system that helps sales teams to create work orders, purchase orders, Bill of Materials (BoM) and Proposals. The systems offers intuitive interfaces that enables the users to quickly create

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BZHelp RFxBZHelp RFx

BZHelp RFx is a web-based RFx management software that allows your organization to automate the process of collecting supplier information for any size project. It helps you respond to RFP/RFIs faster and better by providing reuse, collaboration, categorization, and flexible searching of your knowledge base.

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